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The Book of Days is proudly brought to
you by the members of Emmitsburg.net
Michael Hillman

Michael and his wife Audrey moved to Emmitsburg in 1988 from the Unionville horse country just outside of Philadelphia, purchasing a small tenant farm on the outskirts of town.

Michael is practitioner in emerging field of Knowledge Management and accomplished equestrian. Audrey is Master Gardener and former Olympic equestrian team groom.

When not riding, or scanning in chapters of the Book of Days, Michael serves as the head of the Emmitsburg Historical Society and is the author of many articles detailing the rich history of the Emmitsburg, Maryland area.

Michele Clerici - Editor - 2004  

Michele served as editor of this CD version of the  Book of Day while she was a senior at  Mount St. Mary�s University where she was a double major in Rhetoric & Communications and Spanish.  Michele hails from Cherry Hill in southern New Jersey. 

As Editor, Michele was responsible for preparing and integrating Robert Chambers� Book of Days into a user-friendly web document, creating the most efficient links between pages.  Michele brought her knowledge of mass communication to bear on the problem of designing the most efficient and logical taxonomy to allow users to easily locate information with the book.  Of course, we depended upon her great mastery of the English language to ensure our 'tweaks' to Chambers' original presentation would have received his nod of approval had he been alive to review it.